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急速赛车是什么彩票:Value investment without boundaries

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内容摘要: A-share market showed a new look after the Spring Festival holiday. Last year's blue-chip stocks with strong performance began to split. So...

A-share market showed a new look after the Spring Festival holiday. Last year's blue-chip stocks with strong performance began to split. Some small and medium-sized start-ups started to gain strength. There was a lot of concern in the market. Some commented that the time had come for the market to switch. Others thought that overvaluation of blue chip stocks led to the current market conditions. Some even thought that value investing might once again enter a "non-conforming period" to remind investors of thematic investment opportunities.

It is not our ability to predict the market, but there are some thoughts on value investing.

Historically, there have been two opposing views of value investing. One view is that value investing corresponds to certain stocks. Investing in certain types of stocks can generally be attributed to value investing while investing in other stocks is considered "very valueless," and "not conceptless." Another view is that there is no limit to the value of investment, "good investment does not limit the scope, the more crucial is the price."

I agree with the latter.

Wang Wenhengyi, value investment is related to the "value" of the investment objective, there is a value standard. Therefore, in theory, as long as the investment is lower than the reasonable valuation of the target assets, should be counted as the value of investment. At the extreme, there are also valuable investments in "junk stocks", if indeed the "low to the dust" transaction price is given. So one of the conditions that determine whether value investing is to buy at a below-reasonable valuation range rather than the quality of the individual stocks themselves. In other words, to buy too high Kweichow Moutai The stock is not necessarily a value investment, but the contrary to buy ST shares at a very low price may be worth the investment.

From this point of view, even if the market's mainstream style to switch to small cap stocks, the GEM stocks, the value of investment is still in vain, as long as the team has the valuation of such stocks.

Here, another key indicator of value investing is involved-investment ability.

There are two prerequisites necessary to buy a target asset below a reasonable valuation: one is the valuation ability and the other is the trading ability. The former means that investors should have the ability to accurately estimate such targets. The latter, meanwhile, means that after estimating the price range, investors have the ability to trade and cash in profits. However, given the limited view and ability of investors or investment teams, the ability of a team to accurately value all investment assets does not exist. Therefore, when investing in certain types of assets, it is not entirely nonsense to classify a team as "not worth". This conclusion is not focused on the investment objectives, but rather on the ability of the investment team. "Not worth" is actually equivalent to "you can not."

On the other hand, as long as one investment team continues to expand its research and valuation capabilities, the team's value investment can continue to expand. The team will adapt to different styles of market will continue to improve, its performance will continue to improve the possibility.

One thousand one thousand said that there should be no limit to the value of investment.

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